Forest Admin allows to handle even the most complex scenarios. The Smart label enables you to implement your own business logic with code, when necessary. Check this page out for more details on all Smart features
Admin API
The API generated by the Forest Liana to manage all your application data and business operations.
A set of records having the same type usually stored in the database.
Data Token
A token used to authenticate your requests on your Admin API.
An attribute of a collection.
Forest Liana
The locally-installed plugin that analyzes your data model and generates the Admin API
Forest UI
The web application of Forest Admin, accessible from any browser at
Forest UI Schema
A schema of your data model generated by the Forest Liana in order to initialize your Forest UI
A private token - chosen by yourself - used to sign the data token.
A private token - given by Forest Admin - used to identify your project environment in Forest Admin.
The path to the database used by your app.
A connection between two collections.
A route is simply the mapping between an API endpoint and the business logic behind this endpoint.
A subset of a collection gathering filtered records.
Smart Action
A button that triggers server-side logic.
Smart Collection
A group of records gathered from different sources and implemented following your business logic.
Smart Field
A field that displays a computed value in your collection
Smart Relationship
A relationship that displays a link to another collection.
Smart View
A custom view you can code using HTML/CSS/JSS to display data in any way you want.
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