Environments tab

From here, you'll be able to:

  • Create new environments (1)

  • Apply a layout configurations (ie: how your UI looks) to another environment (2)

Creating a new environment

Creating a new environment will generate an environment secret: it should be used as your FOREST_ENV environment variable.

You will see the following message in your Environment tab as long as your project has not been initiated for the new environment:

Copying a layout configuration

If you want to apply your current UI's settings to other environment - for instance apply staging layout to production layout after you've made and tested a change -, you're in the right place.

Simply select the environment you want to apply the current layout's settings to and click "Copy".

This action cannot be undone! Review it carefully before doing it and make sure the environment you've selected in the dropdown is the one which needs to be overwritten by the current environment's layout configuration.