Environments tab
From here, you'll be able to:
  • Create new environments (1)
  • View each environment's details and options
    • Your remote environments (2)
    • Your personal local environment (3)
  • View your current branches or learn how to create a branch if you haven't already (4)
To learn more about deploying to production or creating a new staging environment, check out this page.
To learn more about branches and development best practices on Forest Admin, start here.

Set an environment as production

A standard project usually has a production and at least a staging environment, but you may be using other remote enviroments. At some point you may feel the need to set another environment as your main environment (a.k.a production).
To do so, click on the enviroment you wish to set as production and from its details page, click"Set as production".
All your branches will be rebased on your new production. Any layout change that is not applicable will be ignored.

Delete an environment

You may also delete an environment. Be very careful as there is no going back!
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