Add and manage users

Add a new user

This can be done with those simple steps:
    Go to the Users tab in your Project settings
    In the "Invite users" section:
      Enter an email address
      Select a team
      ​Select a role
      Select a permission level
      Click on Invite
    Your pending invitations are listed below the user list

Manage a user's teams

To manage a user's teams, go to his details page.
From there, you can:
    (1) Add him to a new team
    (2) Change a team he belongs to
    (3) Remove him from a team
    Don't forget to save afterwards
A user must be assigned to a team at all times

Remove a user

To remove a user, go to a user's details page (1) from the Users tab:
You can then remove a user from the Danger zone by clicking on "Remove user" (2). Confirm by typing "CONFIRM REMOVE" (3).

Add a profile picture

To add a profile picture next to your name at the top-right of your interface, you need to create a Gravatar account.
Create an account and refresh your Forest Admin interface. Your picture should appear.
For now, it's the only way to add a profile picture.

Add user tags

User tags are useful for the scopes feature: they allow you to organize your users into groups and control the data they are able to see.
On the each user's details page, you can add a tag (1), edit an existing tag (2) or remove a tag (3).
A tag is composed of a key and a value. For a given user, the key must be unique.
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