Add and manage users

Add a new user

This can be done with those simple steps:

  1. Go in your project settings

  2. Select the desired Team

  3. Fill the field ‘Invite people’

  4. Click on Invite

Add an existing user to a team

You can manage access to the different teams by checking the box next to your teammates' names.

If the box is checked, it means that he/she will have access to this team.

In this example, only Sandro and Louis have access to "US Operations"' team.

Remove a user

To remove a user, go to the Users tab. From the list of users, find the user you wish to remove and click on the trashcan icon.

There is no confirmation after clicking on the trashcan icon. However, if you misclicked on a trashcan icon and unpurposely removed a user, click on "Discard changes" at the bottom to undo your actions.

Add a profile picture

To add a profile picture next to your name at the top-right of your interface, you need to create a Gravatar account.

Create an account and refresh your Forest Admin interface. Your picture should appear.

For now, it's the only way to add a profile picture.