Customize the Table view

Show/hide and reorder fields ​​

You can display only specific fields for a collection and in a given order. When the Edit mode is ON, you will see at the very left end of all column headers a small Cog on an orange background (1). If you click on it you will be able to reorder the fields (2) and hide/show the desired ones by clicking on the eye icon (3).

Change the number of records per page

By default, 15 records are displayed per page. However, you are free to change this number if needed.

The number of records per page affects your loading time. Choose it wisely!

To do so, you must use the Edit Layout mode, which is accessible through a button at the upper left side of the Forest Admin interface, then adjust your number of records per page at the bottom right.

We recommend not having too many results on a single page for performance reasons.

Set a Smart view as your default view

You may have created Smart view to replace the default Table view of a specific collection. That Smart view is not applied by default. Learn how you can set it as the default view.